Globally, our top national buyers from Nutrition World is searching for you, under extremely strict principles, our goal is to find the most natural, organic and nutritious food from around the globe.

        Under New Zealand’s deep rock, they bring to you natural glacier mineral water formed millions of years ago; they handpicked the fruits that have been absorbed natural essence from the beautiful and passionate Turkish coastal line of Aegean Sea; they tasted each drop of the olive oil that has been extracted from trees grow in conservation area in Badajoz, Spain. They only select maple tree can produce maple syrup that has concentration greater than 3.5%, and only make it by traditional method. To the west of virgin forest in Changbai Mountain, they witnessed the birth miracle of every piece of organic black fungus. 45 degree latitude north, in the organically fertilized black soil, they harvest together with the local farmers, share the joy together. They have also set foot on north of France, in American countryside and Amazon Riverbanks…

        Our top buyers have spent 6 years in searching, from all the organic farms from the world, under the most strict guidelines, we have built a company that emphasis “ Nature and Organic “. We will present more than thousand different natural, organic best quality foods to our consumers.

        This is our global journey in searching of organic, nutrition products. In the future, Nutrition World will stick to our philosophy which is “Global selection, Natural taste”. Our mission is to bring more and more natural, organic nutritious products to our consumers. Make health healthier.